Management Services for Cabin Owners and Guests

Vacation Rental Property Management IS ALL We Do!
Don't confuse property management with property marketing.  
There are larger companies out there who market your cabin but have no idea what is going on at your cabin or have time to talk to you personally.

Service to our cabin owners and guests is our ONLY concern.

We aren't in the business of buying and selling real estate. 

 We aren't in the construction / development business. 

Managing, Marketing and Maintaining your cabin is ALL that we do!

We believe the key to our success is in the personal relationships that we have developed over
the years with owners and guests
 . With over 15 years of property management experience you can expect a personal business relationship with Bryan and Erica.  As a cabin owner on our program you will deal directly with us and not some "manager of the day". We also have no plans to manage more than 40 cabins so you won't feel like you are just a number. Owner references are certainly available to you upon request.

More about our company and our program listed below

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 We'll even keep an eye on your non-vacation rental property

Ask about our Cabin Check Program

Guests Services

Firewood for Campfire Pits

cabins with campfire pits

Wood for Outdoor fire pits is not included in the nightly rate. You can bring your own or we can deliver an ample supply for a weekend stay for $35. You will need to provide your own starter log or kindling. We need at least 48 hrs notice for delivery.


Smores Gift Basket

Smore's Gift Baskets
Have fun around the campfire with your family and friends by roasting marshmallows and building smores and having some hot chocolate. The gift basket includes: 1-bag of marshmallows, 4 individual packets of hot chocolate, enough graham crackers and Hersheys chocolate bars to make 10 smores and 6 skewers


Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets for our cabin rental guests
Wine and Cheese Gift Basket- Surprise that special someone with this basket awaiting your arrival! Gift Basket includes 1 bottle of wine from one of our local wineries, specialty cheese spread, sleeve of crackers, and 2 complimentary wine glasses and of course the basket. Your wine choices are: Award Winning Red Muscadine (red-sweet), Niagara (white sweet), Cabernet Sauvignon (red-dry) or Catawba (white-dry). Your cheese spread options are White Zinfandel Harvarti (3.75oz) or Cabernet Cheddar (3.75oz)


Floral Delivery

Floral delivery for our cabin rental guests
Surprise that special someone with roses (or seasonal bouquet) awaiting your arrival. 4 days minimum notice is necessary for delivery. We will try to accommodate special color requests but that will be subject to availability.


More About Our Company

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Mountain Escapes Vacation Property Management Program

Serving Blue Ridge, Ocoee River, and surrounding North Georgia areas.

Mountain Escapes is a family owned business, located in Ducktown, TN.  We're just a few miles from the GA/TN/NC border. We were vacation cabin rental owners before we moved here from the Metro Atlanta area.  After some frustration with our property management company, we decided to sell our cabin and start our own cabin rental business.  Our main goal was to treat both cabin owners and guests the way we would like to be treated.  Twelve years later, Mountain Escapes is the oldest management company in Polk County TN and the fourth oldest in Fannin County, GA.


As a cabin owner on our program you deal directly with Bryan McMillian, President of Mountain Escapes, not some "manager of the week".  He has personally hand picked all of the service related personnel.  This includes cleaning crews, exterminator, lawn maintenance, satellite tech, and repair/ maintenance contractors.  This means when we send someone to your property for whatever reason, they know what we expect.


One of the main objectives of our cabin rental program is to effectively market your vacation rental property.  This is accomplished through Area Chambers of Commerce (not just one but 3) along several forms of media, event sponsorship and print advertising.  We have very good working relationships with other vacation activity businesses in the area and we receive a great amount of referrals from these businesses.   But internet marketing is our primary method.  We place some of our vacation cabin rentals on numerous vacation rental websites, but our main focus for advertising is through this website. 


Our most recent search engine rankings (according to Google) has Mountain Escapes in the Top 5 for the following search phrases:

Ocoee River Cabin Rental, Ocoee River Cabin Rentals, Ocoee Cabin Rentals, Ocoee Cabin Rental, plus many other relative search terms. 


The Vacation Cabin Rental Program also includes the following:

-Cleaning of the Cabin after the guests at the renter's expense.

-Regular visits to inspect your vacation rental property.

-Supply paper products, trash bags, haul off trash, guest soaps, dish soaps, etc.

-Supply a list of recommended service personnel  (exterminator, lawn maintenance, repairmen, etc).

-Schedule service personnel around guests stays (exterminator, lawn maintenance, repairmen, etc).

-Credit card fees are deducted of our commission.

-Collect and forward any and all sales tax collected to proper agencies.

-Provide Cabin Owner with a monthly statement of income and expense along with a payout of rental income collected and 1099 for tax purposes.  (We try to have these statements along with checks mailed out by the 10 of the following month, which is faster than most other cabin rental companies).

- We don't nickel and dime you with petty chargebacks (ie: gift baskets) and unnecessary trip charges or maintenance fees (ie: tighten a door knob)

We are interested in all shapes and sizes of cabins for our property management, but being as we are paid on commission, we have to be selective with the rental cabins we allow on our vacation rental management program.  But we would be happy to talk to you about your cabin and it's potential on our program.  We currently need to increase our inventory of waterfront cabins, mountain view cabins and luxury cabins.  Hot tubs and fireplaces are a must, game tables are a plus.  Give us a call!

                              Cabin Check Program 

We have a program for those who just wants someone to go by and check on your cabin but you aren't interested in renting your cabin out?  We have a program for that as well.  It is real simple,  We'll check on your cabin once a month for $45 or twice for $75.  We will walk through and make a visual inspection and notify you if there are any issues that need to be addressed and take any necessary actions to minimize damage (ie turn off water if pipe bursts).  We can even recommend some of our repair personnel to help as well.  We will also make special trips upon your request as well.


Owner's comments:

Mackinaw Owner- I did want to let you know , I am very pleased with the condition of the interior. Your cleaning staff is doing a wonderful job. Very well organized and the beds look great.

Very much improved from what the (previous management) was doing. Your billing / payment system is great. Paying in a timely manner. All what you promised.!


Black Bear Lodge Owner- Bryan, I have to say that with all of management companies that I have dealt with, you have been very available and accessible.  Whenever we have had an issue, you have dealt with it promptly and professionally.  Thank you!



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