Looking For Summer Outdoor Adventures


Hot summer days are here, and adventure a waits!

Blue Ridge is the right place for outdoor adventures, big or small.

Will you climb to the tallest mountain or sprinkle in the rapids while white water waterway boating?

North Georgia is your clam for outdoor exercises and sports. So, spend your long mid-year days in nature!

Get an adrenaline rush and feel one with nature as you leave on the experience that can be termed epic.

And what's best? You can not only do adventure but get to stay in luxury with Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals. So, pick them as per your comfort.

Hike Mountains & Waterfalls

Get to hike to the tallest mountain peaks, hike alongside a rushing waterfall, or cross a 270-foot swinging bridge over the Toccoa.

Adventure is out there on the trails waiting for you. Benton McKaye Trail is quite popular trail in the area as it connects to many excellent spots.

In North Georgia, you can climb past cascades like Fall Branch Falls and Long Creek Falls, cross the Toccoa River on the swinging extension, and move to the highest point of Springer Mountain. The Benton McKaye Trail happens for 300 miles, so there's something else to investigate the further you go.

Fun on Lake Blue Ridge

Summers were made to spend on the lake, and Lake Blue Ridge has all that you want to make it a marvelous one.

First, stop at the Lake Blue Ridge Marina for a wide range of boat rentals. Barge boats, kayaks, and oar sheets are accessible to lease at the Marina. Raise to 8 visitors on the barge boat and fly around the lake the entire day.

Cool off by leaping off the boat and sprinkling in the water, or lease a 2-man cylinder to ride along behind the boat and hit the wake. Finally, put your equilibrium under a magnifying glass by going through a day paddleboarding or deciding to paddle while in a kayak or kayak.

Horseback Riding

Regardless of your experience level, anybody is free to go on a path ride through the backwoods of North Georgia. However, assuming you love ponies and being out in nature, this is an undertaking for you.

One of our #1 organizations is Appalachian Trail Rides. You'll ride past mountains, rivers, lakes and more as you ride through their 250 sections of land of farmland. Hoping to take an extraordinary ride? They offer novel encounters like a proposition ride, supper ride, and buckaroo ride, and the sky is the limit from there.

Ropes Course & Ziplining

Have a pumping experience by flying through the air at Zipline Canopy Tours of Blue Ridge.

Spend the day zipping through the treetops and admiring the scenery. Catch a glance of the mountain peaks in the distance, and Zipline Canopy Tours provides 1-2-hour zipline experiences for ages ten and up.

You can never run out of zipping fun with 13 ziplines to choose from and over 1,000 feet of cable.

Trout Fishing

Blue Ridge is known as the Trout Capital of Georgia. So get your casting rod and go to the water to get yourself a prize trout. The Toccoa River is bountiful with trout, and you might try and have the option to get them right from your riverside lodge.

Make sure to look at the Chattahoochee National Fish Hatchery and Noontootla Creek Farms for additionally incredible spots to fish.

Additionally, look at Blue Ridge Fly Fishing School. They offer classes and directed visits for fledglings as far as possible up to the most experienced anglers.

Mountain Biking

The climbing trails in North Georgia are astounding, as are the mountain trekking trails. Whip through the twisting paths as quickly as possible or at a comfortable speed. Regardless of your experience level, there are trails for everybody inspired by a mountain trekking experience.

The Long Branch Loop is one of the more straightforward paths and has restricted deterrents that might block your way. You could have some time off and appreciate the falls assuming you'd like!

Whitewater River Rafting

North Georgia and Tennessee are known for their white water rafting courses.

In the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, they had their white water events in the upper part of the Ocoee River in Tennessee. Isn't that exciting? But you have to be a pro, or you need a guide to help you navigate the rapids.

Blue Ridge has multiple options to have fun, and whether you choose to come here with friends or family, Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals will help you experience that luxury stay.