Image of an affordable cabin rental in the north Georgia mountains

If you are living anywhere close to Southeast then you might be familiar with the striking beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains situated in North Georgia. It is just a few hours of drive to explore the beauty of this place. Packed work schedules and stressful life often add to worries. It is obvious for people to seek a break from this routine. If seeking downtime with a good dose of relaxation and rest on your mind then head to Blue Ridge. Sit back and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of as it drifts by your window. Let the natural beauty and scenic view seep into your soul as you get rid of everyday stress. While nothing is cheap anymore you can book yourself an affordable Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals for a comfy stay.

No trip to the mountain is considered complete unless you rent a luxurious and well-designed cabin. Cozy cabins have everything you look for during your vacation. Sleep under a canopy of stars and wake up to the cool crisp and fresh mountain air as you step out of your cabin to drink a hot cup of tea. There are several things you can do while relaxing in the cabin however if you decide to venture out away from your cabin, well, there is no dearth of options either. There are several events and free activities that you can do during your stay in Blue Ridge and keep things affordable.

Scenic Drives

When in Blue Ridge, scenic drives are counted among the most favorite activities. There are several mountain roads to choose from and these excursions can range from an hour or two to a day and a half if you are game for it, a day trip filled with an abundance of wildlife, spectacular views and crystal clear lakes.

Hike to Waterfall

Long Creek Falls and Branch Falls are the two most popular waterfalls. Head out with your family and friends for a day of hiking and enjoy the intrinsic beauty. After a long hike, you will enjoy the picturesque view of the dazzling waterfall. Snap a few pictures and return to your cabin.


You can find more than 100 miles of streams, creeks, and lakes in the area paving way for plenty of fishing opportunities. if you love fishing then explore Cooper Creek, Toccoa River, and Noontootla Creek.

There is a lot more than you can do during your stay in an affordable Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals. Book a cabin with Mountain Escape Properties, one of the renowned and popular names among the tourists.  When you take advantage of the free activities and the already low prices you can have yourself a relatively cheap vacation