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(Please note: unlike other companies, we won’t take on more cabins than our staff can handle!!)

Exterior of a cabin on our Blue Ridge property management program.  This is a popular vacation rental

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New to our Blue Ridge Property Management program! We have implemented Dynamic Pricing* to keep our Properties in line with comparable properties!
 Don’t confuse property management with property marketing.  
There are larger vacation rental companies in the Blue Ridge area who market your cabin but have no idea what is going on at your vacation cabin rental or have time to talk to you personally.

Service to our property owners and guests are our ONLY concern.

We aren’t in the business of buying and selling real estate. 

 We aren’t in the construction/development business. 

Managing, Marketing and Maintaining your cabin is ALL that we do!

We are looking to add a some Mountain View and Waterfront properties
We believe the key to our success is in the personal relationships that we have developed over
the years with owners and guests. With over 20 years of property management experience in the Blue Ridge area, you can expect a personal business relationship with Bryan and Erica.  As a cabin owner on our vacation rental program, you will deal directly with us and not some “manager of the day”. We also have no desire to have a huge inventory so you won’t feel like you are just a number.

Not only will your property be listed our website, but on other travel websites like Airbnb, Homeaway,, Rentalz Google Vacations, Hopper, RealVoice and Whimstay at no additional cost to the owner.  We are a Premier Partner with Homeaway.
We are the first property management agency in the Blue Ridge area to offer it’s guests free activities such as rafting, zipline. mountain bike rentals, admissions, horseback riding and more to come.  This gives added value to each property’s rental as they can take advantage of over $100 worth of activities each day of their stay at no cost to the owner and no additional expense to the guests.   

 We have implemented a dynamic pricing tool that will optimize our pricing specific to each home and each night of the year, with the ultimate goal to achieve maximum annual revenue and occupancy for our vacation homes. Comparatively this system should help us be more competitive in the slower times of the year and maximize the rates during peak times and holidays. This is accomplished by searching travel websites like Airbnb,, and Homeaway for comparable properties in your area. The system will adjust the rate accordingly.

So far, no other cabin rental agency in our area offers this AND the free activities to their owners which adds value to the rental for the guests. We do this at no additional charge for our property owners. We’d love the chance to add your property to our program.
Here’s a list of other items also covered by out Management Fee

– Income reporting and bookkeeping including year end statements and 1099’s
– Credit card fees are deducted from our fee
– Professional photographs of your property at no additional cost
– Personal communication with Bryan or Erica McMillian (owners) and not some front desk person or manager of the week.
– Guest relations and social media promotion
– Owner login on the website for you property’s page
– 24/7 Reservations and in house guest customer support before and during their stay in your home to ensure that you enjoy and care for you property for during every guest stay
– Property prechecked a day or two prior to guests checking in for quality control and any system failures.
– Handpick the contractors that we use to clean, repair and maintain your vacation rental.
– Help owners with any city and county permitting and regulations
– We also try to keep the same cleaning crew on your cabin to keep them familiarized with your rental cabin.
– Guest supplies (paper products, soaps, detergents, etc) are provided by vacation rental management management.  No need for an “Owner’s supply closet”
– No “Phantom” fees like “monthly landscaping fees” or any other charges that we can’t fully explain.

Owner references are available to you upon request.

More about our company and our program listed below

 We’ll even keep an eye on your non-vacation rental property in the Blue Ridge area,

Ask about our Cabin Check Program

More About Our Company


Mountain Escapes Vacation Property Management Program

At Mountain Escapes, we are a family-owned business dedicates itself to providing exceptional vacation rental management experiences in Blue Ridge and the charming town of Ducktown, TN. We’re just a few miles from the GA/TN/NC border. Previously, we were vacation rental owners in the Blue Ridge area before we moved here from the Metro Atlanta area.  Consequently after some frustration with our property management company, we decided to sell our cabin and start our own vacation rental business and serve Blue Ridge and the Ocoee river area.  Ulitmately, our goal is to treat both cabin owners and guests the way we would like to be treated. Subsequently, twenty plus years later, Mountain Escapes is the oldest vacation rental management company in Polk County TN and the fourth oldest in Fannin County, GA.

As a cabin owner on our program, you deal directly with Bryan of Erica McMillian, Owners of Mountain Escapes, not some “manager of the week”.  Also he has personally handpicked all of the service related personnel.  This includes cleaning crews, exterminator, lawn maintenance, satellite tech, and repair/ maintenance contractors.  Therefore, this means when we send someone to your vacation rental for whatever reason, they know what we expect.

Currently, we are in need of Mountain View and Waterfront cabins for our Blue Ridge vacation rental management program. Furthermore we are paid on commission, therefore we have to be selective with the rental cabins we allow on our vacation rental management program.  But we would be happy to talk to you if you are in need of Blue Ridge vacation rental management, and it’s potential for our program.  We currently need to increase our inventory of waterfront cabins, mountain view cabins, and luxury cabinsHot tubs and fireplaces are a must; game tables and firepits are a plus.  Give us a call! We’d love to talk to you about Blue Ridge property management.

 Cabin Check Program 

Comprehensive Guide to Our Cabin Check Services
Welcome to our cabin owner check-in and maintenance services program, designed accordingly to ensure your property remains in good condition and provides peace of mind. Then experience the ease and convenience of having your cabin regularly inspect and maintain by our professional team.

Monthly Check Service
– Choose from our flexible frequency and cost options: Once a month for $75 or twice a month for $110.
-Our team will conduct a thorough visual inspection of your cabin, likewise checking for any signs of damage, leaks, pests, or other issues.
– Undoubtedly we understand the importance of promptly notifying you about any problems that we discover during the check-in, ensuring timely action is taken.-

  • – In case of emergencies, such as a burst pipe, our team knows to take immediate action, such as turning off the water to minimize damage.
    – Whether there’s a need for additional repairs or maintenance, we have a network of recommended repair personnel who can promptly address any issues.

III. Special Trips
A. In addition to the monthly check-ins, we offer the option for cabin owners to request additional visits based on their specific needs. Furthermore this would include checking for storm damage or inclement weather.
B. Also our service is flexible and responsive, ready to accommodate any special requests or concerns you may have regarding your property.

IV. Conclusion
A. Finally the cabin owner check-in and maintenance services program ensures that your property receives regular attention. For this reason, minimizing potential damage and maintaining its condition.
B. To sign up for the program, please contact us. Our team is here to assist you. In effect provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Owner’s comments:

Mackinaw Owner- I did want to let you know, It pleases me with the condition of the interior. Your cleaning staff is doing a wonderful job. Very well organized and the beds look great.

Likewise very much improved from what the (previous management) was doing. Your billing/payment system is great. Paying in a timely manner. All that you promised.!

 Black Bear Lodge Owner- Bryan, I have to say that with all of the management companies that I have dealt with, you have been very available and accessible.  Furthermore whenever we have had an issue, you have dealt with it promptly and professionally.  Thank you!

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