Driving Directions to Our Office

Please note that these directions ONLY apply to our Ocoee River and Blue Ridge area guests.


Nottely River and Lake Nottley guests will go directly to the property and key code will be issued with directions and rental rules


If you are traveling from south of our area you may be sent directly to the cabin.  This mainly applies to the cabins in the Blue Ridge/Cherry Log area as it is south of our office as well.  Please let us know which direction you are coming from. 


*Click Here if coming from or through Chattanooga, TN 

*Click Here if coming from or through Atlanta, GA

*Click Here if coming from or through Knoxville, TN 

*Click Here if coming from or through Gastonia, NC


If you are not sure which city (departure point) you are going through, contact our office, and we will be glad to help you determine the best way to come through.

The physical address to our office is: 199 Burra Burra St., Ducktown, TN 37326.  Do NOT use Mapquest in this area.  It is very likely you will get lost!