View of waterfall in north Georgia
Posted by: Bryan – November 2017

As we begin our 15th year of business in cabin rentals, much has changed especially in the area of technology. When we started our vacation rental business, websites were gaining prominence to discover our region. We had to mail brochures or hope a newspaper advertisement would pay off with a few phone calls. Cell phones were beginning to reduce in size from the clunky bag phones that weighed about 5 lbs. Maps were an integral part of travel as well. Today, websites are the central focus of a cabin rental company, and most (if not all) of its advertising focus on the website. Cell phones have replaced the landline and maps, and atlases are a thing of the past. GPS is pretty reliable in metropolitan areas, but in rural areas, the same cannot be said. We are continually warning guests not to trust GPS in our area. It can direct to areas that may not be intended for passenger vehicles. So when someone warns you about GPS in a particular area, take their word for it and bring the directions issued or you may be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no cell signal,