Check out these options if you need a personal chef, small cooking class or catering at your rental cabin

Krishna Chapatwala, Chef & Owner Ph: (857) 285 3287 Email: [email protected] Want to take a vacation from the kitchen? Do you want to learn how to make delicious meals from a professional chef? Whether you are hosting a feast or a candle-lit dinner for two in your cabin, Chef Krishna will create a menu for you and your guests, customized to your event, dietary restrictions and desires. Getting away to a cabin in the mountains doesn’t have to mean the stress of planning meals, loading up at the local grocery store and spending half your vacation in a scarcely stocked kitchen. Neither does it mean eating all your dinners out. The options with Chef Krishna are endless. She can create a 3 – 5 (or more) course dinner, cater a party for all your guests, or teach private cooking class where everyone gets hands-on experience to learn recipes from a pro. All menus and classes are tailored to your taste and ingredient preferences, so tell Chef Krishna what you want to eat or learn to cook and she will create the menu. She does all the planning, shopping and brings all the groceries to you so you get to enjoy the food without any pressure. Most importantly, Chef Krishna travels with her equipment so you don’t have to worry about a thing. A grand party, romantic dinner for 2 or an afternoon spent learning how to make hearty stews or flaky biscuits, and not a single dirty dish or pan you have to wash. All this in the comfort of your own rental kitchen. You get to relax, enjoy the food, and avoid thinking about the everyday stresses back home. Chef Krishna, based out of Atlanta, has been cooking professionally for over 10 years as a Personal Chef, Caterer and Cooking Instructor. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources and a Culinary Arts degree. Since starting her business in 2008, she has been catering parties large and small as well as teaching in private homes and public venues like Whole Foods and specialty food markets. Her passion for making tasty, healthy food that her clients love has fueled her success. You can see some of her custom creations at Instagram. To contact Chef Krishna, you can email her at [email protected] or call her directly at 857-285-3287

Phone: (857) 285 3287

CHEF JEFF SERVIN Fresh & Inspired From planning a special dinner party to transforming your restaurant`s menu, Chef Servin is here at your service! Check out the site for Private Chef Dining Experiences, and more! email @ [email protected]

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