View of Long Creek Falls
Have you heard about Long Creek Falls in North Georgia?

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If you are in need of a scenic trail that has beautiful falls at the end. And want to explore some exciting high-profile hiking trails. Then Long Creek Falls in the Chattahoochee National Forest in Blue Ridge, Georgia is something you need to keep at top of your list.

Georgia’s Blue Ridge is known to have some of the most beautiful waterfalls, These falls are all accessible by hiking trails of several distances. So if you are planning to visit here for an adventure. Then you even have access to Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals, located in the famous Blue Ridge Georgia.

Long Creek Falls Location

Long Creek Falls in Blue Ridge is amidst one of Georgia’s generally excellent and serene areas. Hence the mountain trails are among the most outstanding of any climbing objective in the state.

Long Creek Falls along with the southernmost piece of the Appalachian Trail. It is near the beginning stage of the path at Springer Mountain. The Three Forks Trail is a characteristic, one-mile out and back trail that is in the lush valley on the way to Long Creek Falls.

The way is magnificent for hikers that appreciate climbs that are widely appealing yet are simple enough for fledglings.

The creek bed surrounds by variegated gravel. Drive slowly along the road and appreciate the lovely views on the way. The three creeks were called Three Forks to form Noontootla Creek. The Three Forks Creek Valley is a beautiful area along the trail and the valley has sheer cliffs, colourful wildflowers, wide-ranging mossy spaces, and native wildlife. Noontootla Creek is one of the beautiful mountains and is famous around the country for passionate trout fishermen.

Long Creek Falls Trail & Hiking Opportunities

The trek for Long Creek Falls begins on Aska Road, which travels south. Move to right on Newport Road to its end and the double-head Gap Road is on the left. Once you cross the concrete bridge, the road converts to gravel. After you drive 0.3 miles, you’ll see Forest Road 58. Follow the Forest Service Road for 5.3 miles and you’ll encounter a sign for the Three Forks Hiking Area. Altogether you’ll find Noontootla Creek on the right side of the road.

The way to cascading waterfall is led by Benton MacKaye Trails and Appalachian Trail. A similar way is utilized for the two paths so you’ll need to follow the path markers to advance toward the cascade. At trail marker 0.8, Three Forks, and Noontootla Creek, you’ll need to look for white rectangular and precious stone-formed markers that lead the way to the cascade.

Long Creek Falls Trail’s entry is on the northern side of Forest Road. There’s a continuous climb on the path close to Long Creek. For the greater part of the climb, the path runs corresponding to the rivulet, with the exception of a short stretch that runs into a cover and a dry stream.

The water boiling over the rocks in the stream creates a tranquil atmosphere while hiking. The spot from where Duncan Ridge and Benton MacKaye Trail move away from the Appalachian Trail, markers make the way to Long Creek Falls. If you hear the sound of the water rustling to the pool below, then that means you are near Long Creek Falls.

Ready to explore Long Creek Falls?

The two-layered cascade surges over rocks from 50 feet in the air and is totally streaming, in any event, during the driest long periods of summer. Additionally the pool underneath the falls is perfectly clear and blessed so you can see to its base.

Rhododendrons develop wild around the spring, and the gigantic Hemlocks heighten high into the Georgia sky. The trees and Rhododendrons give an obscure desert spring from which to see the cascade.

A bridge gets over Chester Creek toward the west of the parking area. The path ventures east and goes straightforwardly to Long Creek Falls. The way prompting the falls is made to forestall ATVs, individuals riding a horse, and trail-blazing bicycles from getting to the area.

Also professional hikers are familiar with the Appalachian Trail along the Benton MacKaye Trail because they pass through trails to the north. The trails are accessible and you might want to go during the week. With hikers, you can use the trails normally as the parking area is usually busy on the weekends.

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Happy Hiking!