must have items to bring on a mountain cabin trip is a nice cabin
Posted by: Bryan – June 2019

Must Have Items to Bring on a mountain cabin trip when you and your family want to escape the noise of the city and head somewhere far from it all. you can’t go much far away than up a mountain range. Imagine yourself communing with nature and all of its majestic beauty. An excellent mountain destination would be the iconic Blue Ridge Mountains, which are more than millennia old. If you’re roughing it; then you will need to pack some essential items with you to help you survive and avoid nature’s wrath. Here’s our suggested list of 6 must have items to bring on a mountain cabin trip

1. Bring a Water Bottle to keep yourself hydrated (2 liters seem like the right size). Bring snacks such as Trail Mix, an electrolyte drink (or two), some candy for quick sugar infusion, and fruit that slowly releases energy; such as apples.
2. Pack essential hygiene items, such as soap and other bath essentials, hair, and skin care items for your mountain cabin trip. If these are liquid; place them inside plastic bags, as the changes in altitude and pressure may cause their containers to leak.
3. Make sure you have prescription medicines that you could possibly need; as well as a copy of your prescriptions for medicine and prescription glasses and/or contacts. Bring extra quantities of medicine, to be on the safe side.
4. Bring any camping essentials such as sunscreen, bug spray, bear spray (if needed), hiking poles, and your survival kit; which should include bandages, band-aids™, a lighter, a flashlight, a multitool or similar devices, headlamps, a Swiss army knife, some rope, antiseptic, and other camping must-haves. Blog: Mountain Escapes Property Management and Cabin Rentals June 2019 Version 1.0 Status: Final
5. Bring power sources for your smartphone and other accessories such as power banks and solar-powered chargers for your mountain cabin trip.
6. Bring functional clothing (and not just comfortable): items such as hiking boots/shoes, a hat for sun protection, shorts, and leggings.
A mountain cabin trip is an adventure that you and your family won’t forget, so don’t forget to bring along a camera to document your journey and save beautiful memories. Ask about Free Activities
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