exterior view of a Georgia cabin

From crossing a suspension bridge to snorkeling in a mountain river, there’s a lot you can check off the list to a trip to North Georgia.

Let’s find out!

Georgia is full of mountains that can give you many adventures. You’ll find lots of places to explore and go on camping, hiking, and mountain biking. Use the warmer months for a dip in a cool North Georgia lake, but apart from these, there are some lesser-known gems in the area. And to explore these gems, choose North Georgia Cabin Rentals that make your stay memorable.

Have your own wine tour

You can find more than 20 wineries across North Georgia. Each vineyard is special in its own way, and they even offer tastings, live music, and other performances. If you want someone else to do the driving, then hop on a mini-coach for a full day of wine tasting and tours.

Movie at Georgia’s last drive-in theatres

Get to have an adventure at the Swan Drive-in Theatre, which is one of the five drive-ins that exist in the state of Georgia. You can have a nice time watching the first-run flicks on the big screen and relaxing under the stars. You can find the drive on Old Highway 76 in Blue Ridge.

Cross a suspension bridge

You get three options to explore:

1- A 180foot-long Swing-a-Long Bridge at Rock City Gardens

2-Tallulah Gorge State Park Bridge

3-A 270foot-long swinging bridge over the Toccoa River near Blue Ridge

The swinging extension close to Blue Ridge is more than safe and associates an awesome climbing way on the Benton MacKaye Trail. Come right on time for one of the principals to come, first-served setting up camp spots along the waterway. Also bring your kayak or kayak and slip it in the water for a great paddle.

Experience flying fish in the Capital of Georgia

Find yourself a spot on the Toccoa River and if you are new to the sport of fishing, then there are a number of outfitters, like Fly Fish Blue Ridge, Wild Waters Fly Fishing Co, and On the Fly Excursions. And if you are still in the learning phase, then Spring Creek Anglers Fly Fishing School is the place to start.

Snorkel in a mountain river

You can find more than 70 different species at Conasauga River. It’s known as the most biodiverse river basin in the world and is situated in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest near Cisco, North Georgia. On this adventure, it is recommended to bring your snorkel gear and snacks for an exploratory afternoon for this hidden spot.

Explore a car graveyard

If you are crazy about cars, you would cherish the Old Car City situated in White, Georgia. This car memorial park is a section gallery and part junkyard, which is a wide range of fun. It covers six miles of trails all through the 34+ section of the land compound and has over 4,000 vehicles. The hubcaps in the breeze make an orchestra soundtrack to the tales of these wonderful quiet machines.

Bigfoot Museum

Bigfoot or Yeti, whatever you like to call it – his soul is alive and is in Ga. 515 close to Blue Ridge. Bigfoot is a unique gallery that finds the legend of the furry monster, including a standard copy and a re-made Bigfoot assault. If you don’t leave a devotee, you can basically leave with a shirt. Notwithstanding the gallery store, they additionally have a gift shop in midtown Blue Ridge. While downtown, make an appearance at Chester Brunnenmeyer’s for a Wookie.

Meet a moonshiner

Dawsonville is known for moonshine. This is one method for making minimal additional money for helpless ranchers and it transformed into criminal behaviour when the ranchers declined to pay charges on their ‘sparkle. Presently, this prompted rapid pursuits through mountains and the game of NASCAR. You can procure more data about it at the Dawsonville Distillery and the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame. You can even experience driving the mountain streets while the Georgia Mountain Moonshine Cruise in Hiawassee in July.

These amazing places need to be visited once in a lifetime and if you have already made plans to explore them, then North Georgia Cabin Rentals and Mountain Escapes are a good choice to book your stay at affordable prices that guarantees comfort and luxury stay.

Happy Vacationing!